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Wan-Peng Zhang 张万鹏



Currently I am a third year graduate student of Department of Computer Science and Technology in Tsinghua University.

I got my B.Sc. degree in School of Mathematical Sciences in June 2019 from Nankai University. In the same year, I was admitted to pursue for a M.Sc. degree in Tsinghua University.


My research interests include Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning.

  • Wanpeng Zhang, Xi Xiao, Yao Yao, Mingzhe Chen, Dijun Luo. MBDP: A Model-based Approach to Achieve both Robustness and Sample Efficiency via Double Dropout Planning. (Preprint)[PDF]
  • Wanpeng Zhang, Xiaoyan Cao, Yao Yao, Zhicheng An, Dijun Luo, Xi Xiao. Robust Model-based Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Greenhouse Control. (Preprint)[PDF]
  • Bowen Zhao, Xi Xiao, Wanpeng Zhang, Bin Zhang, Guojun Gan, Shutao Xia. Self-Paced Probabilistic Principal Component Analysis for Data with Outliers. (ICASSP 2020)[PDF]
  • Yao Yao, Li Xiao, Zhicheng An, Wanpeng Zhang, Dijun Luo. Sample Efficient Reinforcement Learning via Model-Ensemble Exploration and Exploitation. (ICRA 2021)[PDF]
  • Zhicheng An, Xiaoyan Cao, Yao Yao, Wanpeng Zhang, Lanqing Li, Yue Wang, Shihui Guo, Dijun Luo. A Simulator-based Planning Framework for Optimizing Autonomous Greenhouse Control Strategy. (ICAPS 2021)[PDF]
  • Xiaoyan Cao, Yao Yao, Lanqing Li, Wanpeng Zhang, Zhicheng An, Zhong Zhang, Shihui Guo, Li Xiao, Xiaoyu Cao, Dijun Luo. iGrow: A Smart Agriculture Solution to Autonomous Greenhouse Control. (Preprint)[PDF]

Last update: September 15, 2021